Friday, May 13, 2011

Just a lil wish list!

As part of a daily challenge over at Attack Of the Craft, i made a wish list of items from my fellow AotC-ers. :)

You can find the treasury here: Wishin' i had all this stuff!

Here are some links to the items above! (Clockwise starting at the top left)
1. One of my favorite sayings--- on a button! Get your buttons at getyourbuttons2 Your Mom Tattoo Style Button White

2. Who wouldn;t want these KillerKitty undies?! i <3 purple! Purple Mesh Graffiti Panties

3. I just LOVE RockyTheZombie's shop. I stalk it freqently, and i swear i WILL own something of hers one day. Ladies M Grey Zombie Cupcake Hoodie

4. I've been eyeballing KezBirdie's purse for a long time. i LOVE this and the fabric. one of a Kind Black and White Skull cotton tote bag

5. Okay i just noticed i love RockyTheZombie so much i unknowingly put her in my wish list twice, hehehehe. i LOVE this tank top! Garden Zombie white beater tank vest top

6. SkullandCrossBuns makes rockin' stamps! I need this one! Keep Calm and Rock On - Hand Carved Rubber Stamp

7. SmarmyClothes wrist cuffs are awesome, and well Smarmy is just awesome! damask steampunk grommet cuff handmade bracelet

8. Bewiskered's Ruggles are the most awesome baby/kid blankets ever! Such a cute variety too! Monster Ruggle - Security Blanket

Okay, now someone buy me all this stuff!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Eco friendly short and sweet tutorial!

I dont know if any of you guys with kids frequent subway like we do but i have TONS of Kid Fit meal reuseable bags... TONS. So i've decided that for Zoe's 2nd birthday i am going to make some little gift bags out of them to have as party favors that can be reused for snacks or something. Here goes:
see... i said TONS

So i took one and cut it at the seams and cut a 6" by 10" rectangle like so:

then i added the velcro half and inch from each end and centered. The velcro that is going at the top of your bag should be sewn to the wrong size, and the other piece should be sewn to the right side.

then i folded the bottom part up 4.25" and pinned in place.

then i serged (you can use a zig zag stitch if you dont have a serger) up the two sides and the top.

and Voila!!

add some snacks (i perfer raw almonds, nom nom!)